Our wines may be purchased at our winery on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, 12 noon to 6 PM (see Taste for more information) or at any event held here.  You may also place an order by telephone or by clicking here.

We will gladly ship wine via UPS to destinations in New Jersey.  Shipments to other states will depend on the laws of and between that state and New Jersey.  Just ask us and we’ll see what’s feasible.  In all cases, an adult signature is required for delivery.

Most of our wine is purchased by individuals through subscription.

By subscribing, you are reserving wine from our most recent vintage before it is released (and probably still aging in barrels).  A 50% deposit is required, although some subscribers choose to pay 100% to simplify their bookkeeping.  The minimum subscription is one case of twelve 750-ml bottles.  We have followed this approach since our inception.

Once a wine is bottled and poised for release, subscribers are notified that it’s ready for pick-up or shipping.  After a wine is released to subscribers, any remaining bottles are then available for tasting or purchase at the winery (no minimum purchase).

Wines are offered to subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis.  Subscribers are encouraged to order soon after the subscription window is opened, which is typically in late winter or spring.

By subscribing you will enjoy the following:

  1. Assurance that you’ll receive the wine you want.  We make very small quantities of each wine, and once a vintage is gone, it’s gone.

  2. Pricing that is below the release price.  We offer preferential pricing for subscriptions because your deposit helps us pay our bills in between releases and because we recognize you’re going to wait a while for your wine.

  3. Invitation to subscriber-only events, some offered on a highly selective basis.  We offer culinary, cultural and social events that many find enriching and engaging, and very private.

  4. Guaranty that, should your wine be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances (natural disaster, barrel failure, spoilage, etc.), you deposit will be completely refunded.  This has not happened but, since wine is a natural product that takes time to mature, we assume the risk if it does.

  5. Joining a community of like-minded individuals who value locally-grown wines made by people they know.  Nothing makes or renews a friendship like a meaningful conversation over a bottle of wine, whose makers one considers friends.
If you have any questions about purchasing our wine or are interested in joining our current/next subscription, please contact us.