Mainstay Wines

Mainstay: (noun) Chief support; that on which one mainly relies.
Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Even the winemaker saves his best for special occasions, so what does one drink the rest of the year?  Our mainstay wines satisfy that need.

Grown in the Outer Coastal Plain AVA of New Jersey, this fine example of Austria’s indigenous red is deep and dark, silky and smooth, with generous tannins in its youth.  This wine clearly reflects its terroir and the vintage year it was grown, making it a delight to enjoy each year.
Austria’s most widely-planted red wine grape simply thrives in our vineyard here in Hunterdon, resulting in this pleasing and very approachable wine.  Often called “the merlot of Austria”, Zweigelt is dark, lush and satisfying.
MSV-Cabernet-Franc-Hunterdon-County-Label-NO-YEARCabernet Franc
Vinified and bottled as a single variety as is done in Friuli and the Loire, our Cabernet Franc is a study in finesse.  In addition to our estate wine grown here in Hunterdon, we also offer Cabernet Francs grown in Monmouth and Chester Counties, all bottled separately.
MSV-Cab-Franc-Rose-Label-NO-YEARCabernet Franc Rosé
This dry, fruity rosé is made the old school way, by fermenting juice from red wine grapes that had only brief contact with crushed grape skins, thus imparting just a hint of color but loads of flavor and aroma.
This relatively new descendent of Gewürztraminer is crisp and aromatic, wonderful with food or on its own.
Dry and crisp describes our Riesling, the queen of noble grapes.  A sweet dessert wine this is not.  Enjoy it as a palate-wakening aperitif or to accompany your favorite alpine cheese or Austrian cuisine.