Guest at the Table

We are often told the conversations at our tables – between people we seat together at random – border on the magical. We thrust strangers together to create a sense of community, especially among those who probably wouldn’t engage anywhere else.  Most discover they love this; a few get up and leave (their loss).

Occasionally, the magic strikes one of our own, as it did twice just last weekend.

The winemaker himself sat with the guests here for a Pairing when to his right he heard, “I had a friend who was born in this farmhouse 100 years ago.”  Be assured, this got his attention because thought he knew the entire history of this 1811 farmhouse; apparently not. What. Pure. Joy.

The second occurred at the same table in the Tavern Room on the same day when another guest and the winemaker discovered they lived on the same two-block street in Jersey City many years ago, when that neighborhood was – um – on the edge.  No doubt, they crossed paths on the sidewalk, she being pushed in a stroller while he trotted to the neighborhood Polish delicatessen or Irish tavern (odds are, it was the latter).

We aim to make fine wine here, but our true goal is fostering a vibrant wine culture in Hunterdon that is supported by a community seeking the joy of an unexpected conversation, and perhaps connection, with perfect strangers.

Come visit, sometime soon.